Sunday, June 02, 2013

Goodbye...until another day.

Without much nostalgia,  I've stopped posting to Davidrites.  I have so little free time these days and I have to be choosy about how it gets used.   I enjoyed writing the blog---not many people read it or commented-- but I felt better at having tried to express something I genuinely thought or felt.   But Davidrites was too global and unfocused.   My posts about soccer have migrated over to mysoddenpitch.blogspot.com.   That has been rewarding in that I know I've had a fair number of readers  and even some commentators.  I've been able to write about things that wouldn't have found voice otherwise like the rediscovery of the Cameron Cup.  I also have been posting for my mother on the blog I created for her,  a place to give outlet to her creativity and talent in writing.   I had hoped she might gain enough dexterity with computers that she would take it in hand herself but that hasn't happened so far.   Regardless,  it's been a worthwhile effort.

There may be a new blog in my blood....I do feel compelled to write.   I wake up in the morning with the shape of stories or articles unfolding in my brain.   And at other times as well. Driving to work and realizing I have not bee minding the traffic as I mull over the voice of a characer who's just wandered in.  I am not sure I am obsessed with being read.   I perhaps mostly need to just say what is in my mind.   

If you have been a reader.  Thanks.   And a special shout out to Dustbury in Oklahoma. Perhaps the only other blogger to ever comment on something I posted.   I appreciated reading your blogposts and their humorous take on the surrounding absurdities.

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