Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Peace between Palestine and Israel

As the dialogue and continuing contentiousness rumble onward in the Middle East, I believe that President Obama identified one clear obstacle which, unaddressed, will continue to be a toe stub for all concerned. Israelis cannot continue to take over Palestinian land through the "settlements" whether it be new, illegal settlements or whether it be expansion by some form of "eminent domain" around the borders of existing settlements. How would the world work if one country were to say to another, "We are just expanding our border half a mile into your territory because we are getting crowded and need room to grow"? No one would think that was acceptable and yet that is, in part, the kind of argument that advocates for settlement make. I've been waiting to see the Palestinian Israeli conflict come to resolution since I was in college in the 70s. It's about time that we worked for pragmatic and honest agreements. Until that happens, the conflict continues to provide a convenient reason to whip up the masses across the Arab world and little or nothing positive gets done.


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