Monday, July 05, 2010

Fireworks and the Fourth of July

Last night I went out to bring summer items in from the deck about 11pm.   The neighborhoods around us were in full-throated roar as fireworks of various kinds were lit and exploded.   East I could hear loud, periodic concussions accompanied by light flashes.   On all sides there was the staccato crackle of small explosions,  probably strings of black cats.   And at intervals a sky rocket would whistle into the heavens releasing colored starbursts floating against the gray clouds.   

I've always liked fireworks.  When the kids were young,  we made annual expedtions to get a 'supply' and had streetcorner displays with friends and neighbors.   This year, though,  I felt distanced from them.  And the reason was simple.   We have a family member in a combat unit in Afghanistan.  I've looked a little at what's showing up on You Tube,  trying to get a sense of what he might be experiencing.  And what I've seen evokes the sounds and images of fireworks.  Not in a good way.  

 Afghanistan firefight on YouTube

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