Saturday, August 21, 2004

Saturday again...have not accomplished much of anything today. But I will not recriminate. It's cloudy and muggy outside- cooler than the last couple of weeks. Perhaps we're on the verge of a change in the weather.
Been watching the Olympics. Some. Iraq's soccer team. Now there's a cinderella story. I saw them play a little last week and was surprised that they were as sharp as they were considering the odds they've faced. No home games because you might be mortared at the midline.
Have to note- as yet another sign of the hypocrisy of our 'gummint' the story recently by Christopher Drew and Richard Oppel from the NY Times on the coal industry. In 1997, they point out, David Lauriski was the top exec in a Utah mining company. At that time he proposed legislation that would allow mining companies to allow the levels of coal dust in the mines to rise substantially. Got nowhere with it- proven to be a health threat to the miners. This year, the director of the Mine Safetly and Health Administration appted by the current leaders, enthusiatically supported the plan. Why the sea change? Well, Lauriski is now the Director in charge. The story goes on to document this and related points. But I cite it as an example of the many instances in which Bush and Co have appted the 'foxes to guard the henhouse'. So many of the government's commissions reviewing regulatory issues related to business are now dominated by people who are to be regulated. Kinda like the problem with integrating church and state- it does not provide for a healthy balance in our country.
Okay, and so if you support free trade and market economics, why do you have this tax break for companies which relocate overseas? I didn't get that one.....
One other word- "Thurlow"- as in Larry Thurlow. Who has taken the position that Kerry didn't deserve his medals 'cause there was no hostile fire aimed at his boat that long ago day. Well, this guy doesn't understand that to have integrity, you have to be consistent. Thurlow's own military records from the action that day gave him a Bronze Star and noted that the five boats in the group were under hostile fire. Thurlow wasn't on Kerry's boat, so his opinion didn't weigh too heavily in the face of Kerry's entire crew validating the original account. But this sinks him for sure. How hypocritical to go after someone with a lie that your own records contradict....yeah, I know he has his explanation of that, but it plays pretty thin. The veneer of common civility is getting rubbed pretty hard in this election year. I am afraid there may be blood underneath.
Enough grim stuff for a sultry afternoon. The big blue ceramic pot housing the columbine has shot up two stalks in the past week and lovely purple and gold flowers have unfurled atop them. A surprise to me....one I like.
And a final reminder to myself- the ties of family and the faith we have in each other humble me. This week I have had the chance to see, once again, that what we have is uncommon. I am blessed.

Tuesday, August 17, 2004

OK it's late on a hot AUgust night and I'm cranky. I admit it. John Kerry! What the hell are you doin' saying you would have rolled into Iraq despite the fact there were none of the real 'canary in a mineshaft' kind of warnings of imminent danger to US national interests? I am mortally opposed to the Bush Neocon idea that preemptive war is ok. And you? YOU? are essentially saying you buy it? Ya lost me there, John!

Wait. Is there an audience here? I'm sorry. I rant without preamble. rude ranting. It's mid August and I should know better 'cause everyone is distracted in this heat.
Including me. Hafta come back later and talk about Julia Fordham concert, the weather and global warming and the dead spot off the coast, the ceremonies to open the Olympics, and the nature of passion....
Yes. I'll be back. Oh....and I really was struck by "City of God". A sad movie.
OK. hold your questions!

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