Friday, June 23, 2006

Too Busy to Write. That's not a good sign. World Cup

has been a good break from the routine, though I have yet to see a game I thought was magic. And the US team? We didn't earn our place, that's for sure. The game against Italy was one of the grittiest I've seen in a long time and I credit the players for their heart there. And the game against Ghana was cursed. We watched the slow mo replay of Reyna having the ball stripped twenty times and the dozen folks in the room all concurred he was struck in the knee and crippled before the player touched the ball. I think it should have been a foul. Along the same lines, the foul called in the penalty box for the PK was a terrible call. Onyewu went straight up for the ball and got it clean....no sign that he went for the attacking player at all.
Terrible. This is a match when another ref gave out three yellow cards without realizing it before he yanked the offender.
The US team doesn't have the consistency they need. At their best they are very good. The rest of the time they are MIA.
So time to belt up and get ready for the next Cup. And right now I'd say Germany looks the team to beat. My cousin-in-law, Sascha, in Germany agrees.

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