Monday, July 05, 2004

July Fifth- a day off- sort of. Thought I'd make an observation before I head off to work.
Yesterday's Oregonian has a long 'Commentary' article on the subject of oil and oil consumption. The title is "The Terminal Decline", the place at which oil production globally starts to go down. Colin Campbell, one expert, pegs that date at 2006. Year after next. Aaron Naparstek is the author and perhaps some will say he's an alarmist and the article is way off base. I thought it made some legitimate points. And it led me to think a little further. One thing that was mentioned but not played up in the article is the increasing demand for oil for the Chinese economy. They're up to seven million cars and there are a billion people there. But the real issue is probably the fact that the economy itself needs oil rather than consumer use. I remember hearing another report recently that the Chinese military was considering how to position itself to guarantee sources of oil. Just as we do. I was also moved to think about how difficult it would be to conduct military campaigns successfully, as we are doing now, if our supplies of oil were seriously truncated. The vast majority of the reserves are all in - you guessed it- the area currently known as Arabia, Kuwait, UAE, Iraq and Iran. Apparently the biggest pool of oil- in Saudia Arabia- is estimated only since the Saud government doesn't let anyone do independent measurements, provide detailed reports, or report what they're actual rate of consumption is currently. Well, it seems clear to me that we face, at some future date, the reality of using much much less oil than we do now domestically as well as having to provide a military guarantee for the security of what's left. Change is coming.
I think in my lifetime. Certainly in my children's lifetime.

OK. enough of that. On a cheerier subject, I've got to say how much I love iTunes, my iPod, and the Apple iMusic Store. I have almost completely abandoned radio listening (except OPB) since I can now control and create my own playlists. Of all kinds of music. And never wade through a song I hate. As a music junkie, that makes me really happy. I predict the not too distant demise of some media as we know them as digital formats become cheaper and better. Yahoo!

Sunday, July 04, 2004

Fourth of July! Sunday afternoon. Lovely summery day. Independence....a good thing.
I've been bludgeoned with too much to do. So quick notes today- for the record.

1) did get some work done on the website dnorthstar.home.att.net I've got a lot of new work it would be lovely to post up.
Just a matter- as always- of having the time.
2) Greece v Portugal! Greece wins Euro 2004 1-0. Everyone in the world will be gunning for them in Athens at the Olympics but for the moment, it is enough that they won. What a run against the odds. Lovely. Disciplined football at the back.
3) Kaeli's off at Bach fest following the PYCFest last week and I realize I will miss her a great deal this fall when she heads for college.....what's a dad to do? I guess I'm to enter a new era as a father.....will take some doing I think.
4) This past week the 'transfer of power' in Iraq....Hola! What can one say? I am still saddened at the continuing death and less than certain that we are marching toward a better day.
5) Reading the recent biography of Benj. Franklin. What an interesting man! I am struck by the evidence that he had a less than compassionate side- for example his years spent apart from various members of his family. But in other ways he is a man I identify with and would emulate. I look forward to finishing this book....the next crop is piling up on my dining room table.

Hope that all who read this cherish their blessings and enjoy what the day brings. God is good.

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