Thursday, October 19, 2006

Fleeting time and the unwritten word

October prances in wrapped in orange leaves, slightly damp after being swept up off the streets. And what happened to September, so austere and carefully rationed? It's hard for me to say. I was hunkered down in daily life and couldn't attest to what happened in the past five weeks. Sad, eh? If this were a journal, I would be able to provide a dozen energizing stories about wonderful things that happened. The fundraising dinner that touched the emotions of those attending, the dedication of the Armory Theater, WMA in Boise, a goal scored in football combat, a couple of other things.....well. So here we are heading down the road to Halloween. Scary times. So one of these days I might have a few minutes to actually write something worth reading. Let it be known that I am not gone, but simply overwhelmed.

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