Monday, September 29, 2003

I believe the sign of a good life may be that it is filled with meaningful activities, opportunities to share with friends and relations, moments of joy and laughter and satisfaction. I've got all that, but I am astonished at the sprinting of time as the days go by. We are almost at the end of the month and I've only just turned around. So many things I've been wanting to write about!
Okay! This weekend a national blackout hits Italy. That makes three western countries- with the US and Britain- which have suffered major blackouts in just weeks. Something odd about that? And no clear reason? Hmmmm.....
I don't have the time to launch into it, but I am appalled at the number of people who don't want to pay taxes. Who think they're getting 'ripped off'.....another day I guess.
And then the current political situation.
President Bush who 'supports our troops' by proposing a defense budget which actually cuts benefits including combat pay! Who supports 'healthy forests' and forest management, but proposes it through a bill which won't mandate 'clearing the dead wood' from forests close to people's residences, etc. A President who made it a 'moral' equation to go after Saddam but, in doing so, adopted the principles that "The End justifies the Means" and "Might Makes Right". Both are principles I was raised to think of as being bad. OK. I'll have to come back to this....lacking coherence but at least I'm not losing my train of thought completely.

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