Friday, July 29, 2005

A link to poems by my good friend, Art Homer

I've known Art since we were young college student types living in Southeast Portland in the late Sixties. Art was a writer then
and is a writer now. More deserving of recognition. His work is hard to find, but if you like these, email me for more titles.
I've always loved the way he captures the natural world.


Thursday, July 28, 2005

Pulp Fiction or Poplar Mechanics?

Interstate 84 climbs a long slow grade from the Columbia
Through land that's mostly sage, greasewood, tan soil and rock.
Just before the forty mile stretch that's known for blowing dust
Groves of trees in ordered rows like soldiers from the Civil War
Muster up for miles along the highway's southern shoulder.
Poplar trees to harvest quick, to mash to oozing pulp for cash.
Twenty trips I've seen those even green corridors
An odd upthrust against the planes of the high plateau
And wondered who set them there .

In Pendleton I met a man who says he knows
How forty square miles of desert was carefully spliced:
PVC veins sucking water and plant food to uncounted drip nipples
While a satellite signals the master system when the land looks dry.
Cougar, bear and deer stalk each other down those shadowed aisles.
Coyote pups chew the rubber teats, and the master system calls
Repair crews riding atv's to blast the silence and staunch leaks.
Then he laughs and shakes his head and says,
"Law won't let the trees be cut once they've passed nine years old.
Till then they're just a crop, but past nine they become forest.
Might be tomorrow's old growth. "

David Porter 6/05 (c for it's my work)

Wednesday, July 27, 2005

The joke you didn't intend to make is often the funniest

Enough of this weighty consideration of the world's trials. How about a moment for the lighthearted?
Should you have had the pleasure of driving down Washington St. in Oregon City you would have found it difficult to miss Tony's Fish Market. The small wooden building, painted non-descript gray, has big windows which are always painted with large exhortations to purchase "Local Crab" or "Whole Salmon" in bright poster paint colors. Down the block from the sales area is a large dark crab pot which steams away on the days they have crab. Though Tony's is nearly 100 miles from the Coast, you can almost smell salt in the air. Earlier this week I drove by and my attention was caught by one of the storefront windows.
At the top of the window was a somewhat permanent label reading "Today's Catch". Down below, taped on the inside of the window, was a large piece of butcher paper which read "Free Kittens". I would have given anything to have my digital camera...
In fact, I should go back and see if it's still there. Sweet.

Technorati! Technorati! Getcha Latte! Hey Hey Hey!

Just discovered Technorati- the website for blog tracking. What an excellent concept. The above nonsensical chant will give this post as much meaning as the html tags below....
Do I want to link up? Or uplink? What would happen if there were more people reading this blog? I have to weigh the challenge of not really having a vast amount of time to invest. But wanting to get a clearer picture of whether there's a splatting sound or
a thud when I bounce Ideas off people....

Here goes!

Tuesday, July 26, 2005

My apologies to Dr. Johnson, Strunk, White and a host

of others who have endeavored to make sure our spelling and usage are correct. And, Dear Readers, apologies to you as well.
(all six of you). I was reading over some of my recent writings and noted that I had MISSPELLED a word. Sadducees, for example, acquired an extra letter. When I was younger, much younger, I prided myself on scrupulous writing. Now I find I'm not quite as sharp. So please, bear with me. I'll attempt, at least, to be coherent. Any infinitives I split will be consumed with little waist....or is that waste?

Monday, July 25, 2005

How hot is it likely to get? Who knows....

Some 200 cities in the West hit daily record highs last week, including Las Vegas, Nev., at 117, and Death Valley soared to 129, the weather service said.

Today's news on Yahoo.

Hmmmmm......you don't suppose?

My blog is worth $9,386,606.58.
How much is your blog worth?