Sunday, September 02, 2007

Sweet September

Yes, we are past the season of hornets. The dog days. The stifling season. Now it's September. And I am heartsick that what I said three weeks back about Iraq and us--yes, we Americans--- seems only more brazenly true. I listened on the BBc today as the Brits withdrew from their quarters in Basra.
They're turning it over the Iraqis and there is a window here on what we might expect should we pull out. The Maliki government, if it can be called that, stumbles on. And, should things get dicey, the roads back down to Kuwait are longer in the rearview than they ever were going north. God watch over our folks ther. And set a shield between our armaments and the children whose eyes starr\e through broken windows in the headlines. This is a moment of pain for us, and we must embrace that pain. We must find wisdom somewhere here or the name "American" will be stamped underfoot by history.


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